Digital imagery and Acrylic Paint

Recently I gave a free online webinar on Digital Imagery and Acrylic Paint. Golden Artist Colors has made some fabulous new products to allow you to print on acrylic paint skins. Sound crazy? Yeah, watch the video and get back to me. Way cool fun! By the way, this video is nearly 30 minutes long so get a cup of coffee and sit back. It's like a free art lesson!


Heidi said...

What a great tutorial on printing on skins! I've used the digital grounds a lot and love them, but haven't tried the skin technique yet. Most lately printed on wood veneer with a digital ground coat... turned out beautifully!
Thanks so much, Heidi

elsiecampbell said...

Thanks so much for the lesson on digital grounds. I am looking forward to using them in my art. Elsie Campbell

Tesia Blackburn said...

Just an update to this video, if you want current information on products that I use in the studio, go to my teaching site at and check out the supplies page. Enjoy!!

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